What You'll Learn

    • The 6 critical elements every relationship must have to bring long-term fulfillment
    • What your answers indicate in the form of warning signals and green lights
    • The results on whether your relationship is in danger, trouble is brewing, or you have a lot to work with
    • How you may be blocking your path to true love
    • Your next steps...

    Hi I'm Sherri Nickols, women's empowerment and relationship coach.  I created this quiz because over the years so many women have asked me the same question, "HOW do I know if my relationship is OVER?”

    I’ve discovered the SIX CRITICAL ELEMENTS to a lasting relationship and created a short quiz for you to take so you can find out exactly where your relationship stands and what to do about it before it’s too late.

    Just answer 10 quick questions and get your results instantly...

    so you can know exactly what shape your relationship is in (and what to do next).

    Don’t wait like I did. Be proactive.

    Sparkling love,