You will discover . . .

  • Clarity - know who you are and live in truth
  • Cut - cut away the limiting beliefs
  • Carat - knowing your value and celebrating your worth
  • Color - your most vibrant version of YOU
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Sherri, thank you so much.  I am so happy I signed up and I am doing this Finding Your Sparkle course.  I truly am feeling very empowered.   I am so happy I made the decision to invest in myself.  And I want to thank you for all the information that you are empowering us (women ) with.  Thank you!


What's included in this 4 month program…

Proven success strategies and transformational tools to help you heal and open your heart, increase your confidence, and reconnect with your Sparkling Self.  I’m there for you every step of the way!

  • 3 Training calls per month taught by Sherri Nickols + 1 LIVE Q&A/Coaching call/month
  • Weekly Downloadable Worksheets with Reflection and Action Steps
  • Digital copy of Sherri's Award Winning Book "Sexy and Sparkling After 40"
  • Guided 30 Minute Meditation - Sparkle With Confidence
  • Guided 30 Minute Meditation - Sparkle With Love
  • Guided 30 Minute Meditation - Sparkle With Sensuality
  • Guided 30 Minute Meditation - Sparkle With Feminine Power
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    • (2) Tickets to Sparkle Live Event in 2019 (value $997)
    • Webinar – "How to Dress Sexy with Confidence Over 40"
    • SPARKLE Sister Circle - Private FaceBook group with like-minded women
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    Don't take my word for it....
    Listen to What My Students Say about SPARKLE!

    Tami crumbled after learning of her partners affair…through SPARKLE she regained her confidence and self-worth

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    Michelle's life was spiraling out of control, and she was unhappy. The day before starting the Sparkle Program she was diagnosed with cancer through Sparkle she learned how to deal with the emotions, fears and challenges. She became more in control of her life, her relationship with her children and her friends improved. She also landed the job of her dreams.

    Peggy's marriage was on shaky ground, she was stressed all of the time and unable to enjoy life because of lack of time.  She now has a wonderful relationship with her husband, and LOVES life , and rarely feels stressed!

    Beatriz was stuck in several areas of her life and feeling frustrated before SPARKLE. She is now SOARING and has 5 romantic prospects.

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    Hilda felt like she was stuck on a treadmill in everywhere of her life, from money, to toxic relationships before SPARKLE.  She is now feeling 90% unblocked!

    Back then, I was a man living in a woman’s body and I didn’t even own a dress or a skirt. And life was miserable and I was so scared, so confused, so afraid. I didn’t know where life would go.

    Through our work together, Birgitte reconnected with her radiant feminine power! “Now I love being a girl, being a woman, and I just love my life; thank you for showing me that it’s possible to have life! I love being a woman.”

    Sidra was heavy and dark before SPARKLE! She learned to start taking care of herself. She now experiences JOY every day!

    Sonia before SPARKLE felt overwhelmed and exhausted, using the tools in SPARKLE, she has turned that around.

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