Will I ever have real & lasting love?

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Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age


The only step-by-step system guaranteed to dissolve subconscious blocks and reboot your divine feminine essence

– in just 4 weeks


… because when you sparkle with joy and confidence, the love-filled life you long for is gonna sashay right in!


Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age is a proven system empowering spiritual women in troubled relationships to get past the agony of a broken heart, to reignite their playful, feminine selves and to love again – more deeply and joyfully than ever before.

Of course, getting the results you desire on the outside can only happen when you first go within. And that’s just what I help you do inside this program.

I’ll give you everything you need to go from feeling sad, stuck and shaky as heck – to sparkling with confidence, healing your heart and overflowing with joy.

The Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age program includes


Get live support from me as you become the most beautiful, empowered magnetic version of you (← diamond). Radiate that love, Gorgeous!


You are not alone. There are many in the Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age program that have been through very similar experiences as you - and feeling just as lost, heartbroken, and angry as you do. It’s time to have a loving group to lean on for confidential support.

Reclaim your Diamond Power –

open your heart to loving relationships

and a joy-filled life.


This 4-week program includes:

4 weekly LIVE audio trainings, weekly worksheets and downloadable MP3: VALUE $897.00

4 Guided Meditations: VALUE $397.00

Sexy and Sparkling After 40 eBook: VALUE $3.99

VIP Access to the Sparkling Sisterhood Private Facebook Community: VALUE priceless!

Bonus #1 Forgiveness Video Series: VALUE $497.00

Bonus #2 Sound Bath Healing 3-part video/audio series: VALUE $697.00

Bonus #3 Tickets (2) to Live Sparkle Workshop: VALUE $1,994


TOTAL VALUE: $4,485.99


Your Investment: $497

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$257 now

(and one additional payment of $257 in one week)


WEEK 1: Clarity Designing a life you love

This is where you become crystal-sparkle-clear about who you want to become – and design a detailed vision for the life you would love to lead. Think of this as your passion plan for a sparkling life!

By the time our first week comes to a close, you’ll feel your heart opening up that space to create the bond you desire with another – whether it be your partner, a friend, a parent or a child.

WEEK 2: Connection Feel and radiate your BEST Self

This week is all about awakening your feminine essence and creating joy 24/7.  Now you’re ready to start living as your most vibrant Self. Together we’ll design the most colorful, magnetic, irresistible version of YOU so you can wrap your arms around a fun-filled, loving life.

I’ll also introduce you to the Leading Lady in your life ( ← that’s you).

WEEK 3: Freedom Cut away limiting beliefs

In this week you’ll identify and cut away specific beliefs that block you from receiving and giving love. I’ll share the tools you need so you can create new beliefs that increase your confidence, self-esteem and happiness – all while supporting your passion plan from Week 1.

WEEK 4: Truth – Knowing Fully Who You Are

This week is about fully connecting with your Diamond Power. Understanding that you are deeply loved and what it means to love, honor and respect yourself. It’s about helping you deepen your self-love at a cellular level. Connecting, understanding and loving yourself is key to creating the emotional intimacy you want with others. And another plus? Never again will you need external validation to fill yourself – you’ll be the only one you need for that.

And what makes Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age so unique? What’s the Secret Sauce?

Well, if you promise to keep it under your hat …
here’s the Secret Sauce ...!

My Magic Tool of Transformation ™  means you’ll almost instantly be able to …

  • heal your shattered heart
  • unhook from triggered reactions
  • change your sabotaging beliefs into new supportive beliefs at a subconscious level.

This is super-powerful because the truth is – having insights alone almost NEVER results in lasting change.

With Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age you won’t be settling for just great insights – you’ll be building the foundations of a GREAT life!

And you know what?

  • It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or how deeply wounded or alone you feel right now
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing gut-twisting anxiety, or feeling so deeply depressed you’ll NEVER turn things around
  • It doesn’t matter if your relationship ended 5 minutes ago, 5 years ago, or you’re still hanging in there

Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age works for every woman like you willing to invest in herself, work on herself, and trust in this tried-and-tested process.

Join me inside and let’s get sparkling!



Your heart is wounded, your mind is tearing your self-esteem to bits, and you no longer recognize who you are.
Crying is getting old

You’re trying to figure out what to do next but the constant ping-pong of anxiety and overwhelm in your head is paralyzing – and draining every drop of the shining confidence you once had.

Just imagine how your life would change if you could finally

  • Wake up joyful, hopeful, and clear about who you truly are and what you’d LOVE in your life – so at last you can get unstuck and start moving toward your greatest desires
  • Let go of all those painful, toxic and limiting beliefs – you are NOT flawed! – releasing you to feel lighter, younger and more peaceful in everything you do
  • Learn to trust again – and feel safe, open and empowered to create deeply connected, loving relationships in all areas of your life
  • Feel amazing in your own skin – confident and captivating, with the upgraded self-respect to go with your rediscovered sexy self (no more letting other people walk all over your dreams!)
  • Dust off the divine feminine essence you’ve been smothering for so long – and let your sensual magnetism attract more of what - and who - you desire
  • Truly love yourself, wholly and unconditionally – a shining diamond of joy who no longer seeks validation outside herself.

Is it hard to imagine getting from how you feel right now to a place like that?

With Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age
you'll BE confident, FEEL beautiful,


(of course!)

Ready to go from feeling sad, angry and scared to

confident, joyful and empowered?

Let's dust off that diamond inside of you just waiting to shimmer and shine!

Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age takes you from

This isn’t the life I thought I was going to have to

Wow! I love my life!



Sparkle Sisters

describe their experience in the program in their own words...

Through Sherri’s program I gained inner confidence. I found my feminine essence. I met amazing women and found a powerful, loving new direction in my life. Since the Sparkle program I have traveled all over the US. I’ve met wonderful people from all over the world. Most importantly, I met a new and wonderful person who spent most of her life afraid of dying, since she lost her brother at the age of 12. I found me: a shining diamond full of joy. I no longer live in fear of dying. I now live in a state of gratitude. Grateful for each and everyday of my life and all the blessings that come my way.

~ A Sparkle Sister

Sherri helped me uncover several subconscious beliefs that were running my life in the direction that was keeping me stuck. Sherri helped me reprogram these blocks in a powerful and deep way. Since working with Sherri, my income jumped and I was offered some incredible career opportunities, I’m also now in a relationship with a great, loving, supportive and stable man, for the first ever time. We are also expecting our first child together! Reflecting on the shifts that have happened, life is immensely different!

~ A Sparkle Sister

Getting my thinking on a different level has been huge. Really getting in touch with my own feelings, my own vibrations, figuring out who I am ... Sherri gives you the tools and that inspiration that you can move forward and you can do anything you want to do!

~ A Sparkle Sister

I immediately was drawn to Sherri after our initial consultation. She made me a recording that allowed me to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Her recording saved my life. I listened to it every single night until I was strong enough to stand on my own. I had gone months without sleep. I was starting to feel human again and I had hope. I saw the change in myself and my children within weeks of starting the program.

~ A Sparkle Sister

Still undecided?

That’s okay!

It can be hard to know if it’s the right time to invest in yourself like this – or maybe you don’t even feel like you deserve to (← Sparkle Sisters everywhere are sending you a hug and saying Yes, honey, you ARE deserving).

To help you get clear, here are some questions your fellow Sparkle Sisters asked before saying “YES, I’m ready for the love-filled life I deserve!”

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1: I don’t know … I’ve tried a whole heap of courses, books and therapies before – and still feel as stuck as ever. How do I know THIS will work?

If you’ve read this far, then I can say with confidence that Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age is the PERFECT program for YOU, RIGHT NOW.

The problem with the courses and talk therapy you’ve tried?

While they may have helped you understand why your relationship didn’t work, or what in your history led to that situation in the first place...

They didn’t give you the tools to make lasting change.

So you remained stuck, and if any real change was happening, it was taking for.ev.er. Who has that kinda time to waste?

What makes this program different is my

 ...it’s a loving & direct way to change the subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking – so you can transform sabotaging thought patterns to skyrocket your confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind.

 Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age literally has everything YOU need to get crystal clear on what you want, clear your unique blocks, and begin to embrace your divine feminine essence – so you can welcome in the sheer joy of a love-filled life (even if right now you’re drowning in heartache).

Do NOT let the world miss out on your beautiful sparkle.

Q2: It seems like an awful lot of money to spend on ‘self help’ … how can I justify it?

My friend, you’re here – which tells me a massive part of you is ready RIGHT NOW to declare to the world that you’re no longer willing to stay in the muck.

There’ll always be demands on your bank balance from every which way (even if you’re a million-dollar lottery winner!) ...

But if it really is your desire to make shifts in your life, and learn to start showing up as your true shining self – then there’s no better time to STOP pushing yourself to the bottom of the pile, and invest in YOU.

We all have circumstances, right? Don’t let your circumstances have YOU!

Think of it this way – Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age is your plane ticket to the ULTIMATE destination … THE SPARKLING LOVE-FILLED LIFE YOU YEARN FOR.

Isn’t that worth the investment?

Believe me, I know how scary it can feel taking a massive step like this – I invested over $250,000 in trainings to get clear on what I would really love in my life!

Over the past ten years, I’ve perfected this system to shorten the learning curve for YOU – you get to benefit from my deep studies, successes and mistakes, so you can find YOUR Diamond Power in a fraction of the time I took (and at .004 of the money I spent).

And WOW – you’re also going to feel so empowered, joyful and brimming with possibility ... the MOMENT you join your Sparkle Sisters on the inside!

Q3: What happens once I join?

The INSTANT you click on the button and declare to the world (or at least yourself) you’re READY to trust in yourself, and start clearing your path to a life that’ll romance you forever …THE MAGIC BEGINS.

You’ll start feeling the love right away as my team of Diamond Divas ping your email inbox with your Welcome Email – it has all the info and links you need to get started.

Then you can enjoy the webinar bonuses immediately and prepare for our first call on October 9, 2019.  Once the LIVE course starts the member area will give you access to the online learning area ANY TIME of the day or night!

The Divas will also dispatch a tuxedo-clad James Bond lookalike to deliver your exclusive invite to the private members Facebook group … ok, it’ll likely be another email, but having James Bond turn up on your doorstep would be pretty cool, right? RIGHT?!

Q4: What if I sign up with Finding Your Sparkle and then feel like it’s not for me? Do I get a refund?

I’m 100% confident that if you trust in the process and commit to the work we’ll be doing together, you WILL feel massive shifts in your mindset – and feel so much more connected with your true, divine essence.

To serve you in your Sexy and Sparkling process you acknowledge that:

  • There are NO REFUNDS
  • There is NO QUITTING
  • You agree you won't quit on yourself and this program won't quit on you.

We are in this together!

I’m taking on 100% of the risk – because I believe in YOU 100%.

You can’t lose!


SAY “ Yes!  TO

Sexy and Sparkling at Any Age TODAY

Reclaim your Diamond Power –

open your heart to loving relationships

and a joy-filled life.


This 4-week program includes:

4 weekly LIVE audio trainings, weekly worksheets and downloadable MP3: VALUE $897.00

4 Guided Meditations: VALUE $397.00

Sexy and Sparkling After 40 eBook: VALUE $3.99

VIP Access to the Sparkling Sisterhood Private Facebook Community: VALUE priceless!

Bonus #1 Forgiveness Video Series: VALUE $497.00

Bonus #2 Sound Bath Healing 3-part video/audio series: VALUE $697.00

Bonus #3 Tickets (2) to Live Sparkle Workshop: VALUE $1,994


TOTAL VALUE: $4,485.99


Your Investment: $497



Finding Your Sparkle

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$257 now

(and one additional payment of $257 in one week)


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