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What others are saying about "Sparkle"


I worked with Sherri Nickols recently and have so much gratitude for her work and the committed, passionate person she is.  I now have a renewed hope and belief in my 30 year marriage.   It had gotten routine and dull and I was wondering if it could be revived.  Though our individual sessions I learned where I held back in my relationship and uncovered a old belief I had that kept me playing safe and small.  I highly recommend any of Sherri's programs. She is skilled at listening and asking the right questions to get you back on track. Thank you so much, Sherri!

Valerie, WA

At a time in my life when my marriage was falling apart and I couldn’t feel worse about myself as a person, I found Sherri’s book, Sexy and Sparkling after 40. Out of sheer desperation I bought the book, thinking, ‘Who doesn’t want to feel sparkling?

Speaking with Sherri on the phone for the first time was a life-changing experience for me. Her methods of coaching are extremely unique. I have done traditional counseling at different times in my life, but Sherri’s holistic and spiritual approach to the well being of the mind and spirit is something that has touched me in a profound way.

With every session, I felt more and more empowered. Sherri’s patience, commitment and non-judgmental manner were instrumental in my transformation.

Today, I’m stronger, happier and much more confident than I was just four short months ago! I have a much more positive outlook on my marriage, my life and myself. I can’t give enough praise for this process... I honestly feel like everyone should give themselves the gift of coaching with Sherri Nickols and her Sparkle System!

Lucia MA

When I started working with Sherri, I felt so much anger toward my husband for little things, like his tendency to be messy and disorganized. Sherri showed me how to get to the root of my emotions, and I discovered that my anger toward him reflected my shame at not having a clean house.

Sherri reminded me that we, the women, are designed to be playful, joyful, light and happy creatures. I had lost this side of myself in everyday routine. Just implementing a couple of her techniques instantly lifted me up and I began to feel more complete, brave, and confident.

Sherri helped me put the spring back in my step and the sparkle back in my eyes. I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in my communication and attitude at home, with friends and at work. It is so wonderful.

Since working with Sherri, I’ve started a new career as an EFT Practitioner, relieving emotional and physical pain for myself and others. I finally feel as though I’m living my life’s purpose, and I am loving it!

A huge THANK YOU to Sherri for the difference she has made in my life!

Olga AZ


Working with Sherri was a powerful and illuminating experience. While going through the break-up of my long-term marriage, I found myself ruminating on the relationship, what I could have done differently, why things went wrong. I needed help moving on, and found that in my work with Sherri. She has a really unique approach that is unlike anything else I've tried - therapy, self-help, etc. - and, over a fairly short period of time, it helped me tremendously.

Through the various modalities she holds certification in along with her own studies she was able to create a 'customized' approach to what I was experiencing and I was often really surprised at how effective it was. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling 'stuck' in life, or is simply seeking more joy, peace and acceptance - of themselves and others - and a happier life." Maggie, CA5) "I came to Sherri feeling very beat up. My husband had confessed his infidelity several months prior and, thanks to some marriage counseling and coaching, I was feeling better but I was still not myself. I was filled with insecurity and self-doubt. After that huge emotional blow I didn’t know who I really was anymore.

Sherri knew what to say and what exercises would help me to see some very important things about myself, one being that I had lost my sense of being a woman, I had forgotten my feminine self.

Today, my husband and I approach the 1 year mark of his confession and we are better than ever. Without Sherri’s help I’m not sure this would be the case. Her patience, guidance, understanding, empathy, sympathy and friendship got me through some very dark days. I was in the deep end of the pool for sure and Sherri was my life preserver.
I took all of her advice, even when it was difficult to do so and am now the better for it. Dealing with the anger, betrayal, hatred of the other woman, insecurity and self-loathing, was difficult but Sherri helped me through that. She never judged my roller coaster of emotion; instead, she provided loving, sympathetic and understanding support.

I would warmly and highly recommend Sherri to anyone going through a similar situation or any other situation that stops you in your tracks and leads you to the realization that you need to find your way back. You will find a warm, understanding and extremely helpful woman who has survived her own hard knocks of life and is willing and eager to help those of us that find ourselves in similar circumstances. If you let her, she will help you through….

Sherri, thank you so much for all you did for me. You are beautiful inside and out and I value my time with you as it has helped make me and therefore, my marriage and husband what we are today. Better, stronger and in love again!