​If you are ready to become your most magnificent and sparkling Self join Sherri in paradise for an exclusive 4 day retreat.

May 4-7, 2017

As the sun is setting over the sandy beaches of Laguna you catch a whiff of the sea as you find yourself strolling back from the artsy village to your luxurious cliff-side boutique hotel literally steps away.

Sinking into one of the comfy red chairs on the rooftop terrace bar, overlooking the ocean, you can’t help smiling about the delightful day you just had beginning with heart opening yoga on the beach, leisurely visiting art galleries, rummaging through alluring shops, eating in charming restaurants, and exploring with your amazing new retreat-loving friends!

Ah…the breathtaking views!

Laguna Beach is the PERFECT place to spend 4 soul satisfying days (and 3 nights)…

Questions, Ask Sherri?

…quieting that mental chatter and identifying limiting beliefs, so you can release your past and step into your inner strength and emotional freedom while designing a blueprint for daily love and happiness.

Imagine bringing all your worries and FINALLY letting them go! Setting empowering intentions. Clarifying, committing, and embodying your dreams. Sharing from the heart and being heard in a loving space.  

Perhaps you’ve been feeling…..

Tired, confused and frustrated?
No worries, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, clear and serene!

Less than confident about yourself as a woman?
Got you covered with some FUN ways to bring HER back!

Stuck in the past?
That’s history - we’ll help you release and make a new plan!

Like you want to open your heart but you don’t know how?
We’ll help you do this in less than 12 hours.

Unhappy and disappointed with the way your life has turned out?
Together we’ll create a step-by-step plan for daily love and happiness…

This exclusive retreat is limited to only 10 women, there are only a few spots left .

So why should YOU join us?

Simple, this is the PERFECT environment to get back to you, to loving yourself, and nurturing yourself so you can feel rejuvenated, invigorated and inspired.

There’s no need to do this alone, worried about whether you’re doing things the right way or not – or whether you’re going to be able to move forward with confidence and clarity.

The Soul Sparkle Retreat in Laguna Beach will transform your life! After rejuvenating your soul with life changing activities and heart opening conversations and processes you will leave feeling like a new woman - totally empowered with a plan of action for daily love and happiness. You will take home powerful tools to make sure you sustain your beautiful new state of Being!

Plus we’ll be exploring the intimate village of Laguna, eating incredibly delicious food, and plenty of time for reflection, journaling and spa body love

The Venue

Laguna Beach, sits like a jewel in between San Diego and Orange County. It’s an intimate artsy village nestled between the beach and foothills. We’ll be spending three fabulous nights at the luxurious boutique hotel, The Inn at Laguna Beach, which is on a cliff overlooking the beautiful coastline.

The rooms at the Inn are light and airy and beautifully appointed. The roof-top bar is fun and festive offering daily happy hour exclusive to the guests. There are private hidden patio’s on every floor with ocean views lending themselves to deep relaxation and reflection.  

And best of all, you can walk right out the door and be on the beach!

For sure you’ll fall in love with Laguna and there’s no way you’re going home without a piece of Laguna – whether it’s a sea shell, artwork, sexy bikini or  a unique piece of jewelry.


The Delights…

  • Fire ceremony on the beach releasing the past so you can step fully into the present.
  • Heart Opening yoga on the beach.
  • Belly dancing to connect with your feminine essence.
  • Plein Air Painting with Champagne overlooking the ocean.
  • Daily Teachings and guided meditations.
  • Swimming, lounging, exploring, and enjoying the breath-taking environment surrounding you.
  • Time to yourself to disconnect from your busy mind and to-do lists, and reconnect to YOU.

Connecting with a highly curated group of like-minded women who will become Soul Sparkle friends.


Questions, Ask Sherri?

The Benefits

So what can YOU expect if you spend 4 delightful days (and 3 nights) on a spiritual self-love adventure to Laguna Beach?

Well, what if you released your past and were able to live in the present feeling the freedom of a peaceful mind (no more monkey mind), an inner strength and an open loving heart?

And what would it mean to you if you got back to you, to loving yourself, and nurturing yourself so you can feel rejuvenated, energetic and inspired?

Would THAT be worth coming....
to Laguna Beach for?

I sure think so!

PLUS you’ll get to pick my brains for 4 days – that in itself is priceless!

Please keep in mind: This is a retreat – so that means there will be some teaching but mostly experiential adventures.

Come to the event with a list of what you want to release and what you want to bring into your life and we’ll accomplish it together!

Together we can focus on:

  • How to prioritize your day so you have more “me” time.
  • Releasing the past and living in the present.
  • Opening your heart so you can receive more love.
  • Getting clear on what you would love and designing a plan that makes you feel happy, vibrant and alive every day.
  • Identifying the limiting beliefs that block you from what you want.
  • ​How to bring your most fabulous sexy self to your family and life.
  • ​Tapping into your creative, playful, sensual essence.
  • Whatever it is you want to discuss and work on!

I’m here for YOU and no subject is out of bounds!

What’s Included:

  • Three morning (10-12pm) teachings!
  • Luxurious Boutique accommodations single occupancy three nights
  • Three delicious breakfasts at the hotel
  • Welcome cocktail and appetizers at a secret location on the property + a farewell celebration dinner together
  • Two nourishing lunches either at our hotel on the terrace overlooking the ocean or out + about town
  • Transportation and guide for our fire ceremony on the beach
  • Private morning yoga on the beach with my yogi
  • Private Plein Air Painting with Champagne
  • Private Belly Dancing class
Questions, Ask Sherri?

What’s Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Transportation to the hotel on May 4th and back to the airport on May 7th
  • One dinner is not-included
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

To Schedule Your Flight  . . .

You must arrive into either the John Wayne Airport ( recommended) or LAX Airport  on May 4th before we begin at 5:30 and depart May 7th, 2017 after breakfast and teaching ( you will be done by 12).  If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – let us know. We can help you design something fabulous.

About Your Host

Over ten years ago, I discovered that my husband was cheating on me. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the revelation turned my life upside down: there I was, a successful businesswoman earning an impressive income, the breadwinner of the household about to buy a house and start a family... and my world was shattered.

My life was in shambles for a bit... but you know what? I recovered. Not only did I recover, but I came back better, stronger, more feminine and happier than I have ever been.

And the same is possible for you.

Since my crushing discovery and enlightening recovery, I have been passionately teaching and speaking around the world to help women heal their hearts and own that they are incredible! I’ve written an award-winning book (Sexy and Sparkling After 40 ), become a certified Dream Builder and Life Mastery Coach, become certified in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy and advanced PSYCH-K. I have also become a Reiki Master.

Why? Because my mission is to help women overcome the feelings of anger, sadness, and unworthiness that arise when you discover that your husband has cheated (or when you suspect something is going on) so they can feel good about themselves again - and step into the magnificent sparkling woman they are at their core!

It can be a difficult journey but I promise that you will look back years from now and feel grateful (yes, grateful!) for this experience, just as I do.

I invite you to let this retreat be a safe haven where you can explore, think, feel and heal. I look forward to getting to know you:)) xo